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At CCD Dealer Services we offer a

well organized crew and provide

quality workmanship to all our clients.

We use the right tools and training

process to ensure a flawless experience.



CCDETAIL Services is a disabled veteran-owned small business, with active military within our management team.

Every team member of CCD is seen as a vital asset to our mission. We are built with a strong foundation built out of integrity, honesty, and faith. With strong mentorship and clear leadership we are committed to delivering quality work backed by a strong work ethic. CCD fosters a culture of continuous improvement with continued education ensuring the commitment to delivering superior workmanship that is truly appreciated. 

Our mission is to make a positive impact within our community using our talents to support various organizations and assist community members. We proudly support out local police, fire, medical, education workers and military. 





chad joined this team providing his expertise in back-end management and leadership. he has shown his passion for business and customer relationships by growing, building, and successfully selling several businesses in his career. beyond his professionalism backed by his history if serving in the air-force and holding a degree in business and finance he at heart finds great joy in his family time while visiting car shows, collecting sports and trading


with two decades of experience in car detailing and dealership management, he began his journey as a one-man operation, where he taught himself the determination and passion to provide for his family. spending the last 10 years working within dealerships with teams behind him and still doing hands-on work for the success of ccdetail.


amanda combines her management expertise and family taught talent for auto body shop work to bring ccdetail cohesiveness and unwavering organization that was vital during her time working within the medical field. with her faith and strong wok ethic she sees great joy in providing her staff with mentorship and strong leadership to foster a culture of constant improvement, positivity and genuine relationships. outside of work, amanda unwinds by traveling, enjoying the world of motorsports and being in the great outdoors with her fiance.


bringing his experience as an active duty air force sergeant while being a certified financial advisor, brian brings commitment and precision ccdetail. beyond his professional accolades brian is a devoted family man and active member of his community, an embodiment of the values that ccdetail is built upon. with his guidance and support he maintains our positive work environment and ensures our path to deliver. 

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